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Y ou want to do an internship in our structure?

A few conditions are necessary:

  • Be over 18 years old

  • Not be pregnant or planning to become pregnant

  • Possess a medical certificate of aptitude for carrying out an observation internship in the profession of veterinary assistant, or veterinarian, knowing that even observation exposes you to pathogens, allergens, radiation (list of risks not exhaustive)

  • Carry out a preliminary interview during which the internship conditions are explained

  • Accept and sign the internship agreement

  • Present a certificate of civil liability insurance


            accompanied by a CV and a cover letter.


The veterinary clinic is a place that welcomes sick or suffering animals. We therefore ask trainees to respect a few rules:

  • medical secrecy

  • Discretion

  • Do not intervene during consultations and remain discreet

  • Do not touch the animals (ex: a caress can be painful sometimes), respect their convalescence by leaving them calm.

  • Wash your hands before each departure from the clinic, animals can be carriers of diseases.

  • Do not take or divulge photographs, in any context whatsoever (excluding a possible internship report)

  • Wear a correct outfit and not afraid of dirt

  • Completing an internship exposes you to biological, chemical and radiological risks.

We ask that trainees inform us of any condition that could be troublesome during the course (chronic illness, epilepsy, taking medication). This information will be at the discretion of the internship supervisor.

The hours of attendance as well as the numbers of parents or people to contact in case of emergency must be given to us on the first day of the course.

The authorization to transport the trainees in our personal vehicles must be delivered to us, if necessary they will not be able to attend the visits outside.

The clinic cannot accommodate trainees outside opening hours.

The clinic reserves the right to interrupt the course without notice in the event of non-compliance with these rules or if the trainee endangers himself, patients or staff.

Thank you for your understanding.


Fill :

Name :

First name :

Internship date:

Days and hours of attendance:

Person(s) and number(s) to contact in case of emergency:

We have read and accept the conditions laid down by the veterinary clinic. We have read and understood the risk document for the position observed (see appendix): 

Date, signature, read and approved

            The parents  (if minor)                                Trainee





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